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At Le Bordelais, we celebrate the wonders of Bordeaux wine in all it’s fascinating complexity. In fact, we have dedicated our entire focus to wines originating from Bordeaux ­ the world­famous, and ancient winemaking region of France. Le Bordelais is the only Bistrot in China 100% committed to Bordeaux wines. Our mission is to provide every visitor the opportunity to Experience the taste of genuine Bordeaux wine - Discover new favorite blends among our exclusive selection of over 70 labels - Learn about everything Bordeaux has to offer with guidance from our very own certified Bordeaux Expert.


At Le Bordelais, we believe everyone should have the chance to celebrate the high end wine experience that is Bordeaux. We know that perfection is so quintessential to the Bordeaux region that wines of every price range exhibit wonderful quality and taste. Our friendly staff will gladly guide you to the best selections available to meet your needs. 


In partnership with the Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), Le Bordelais offers selections from every appellation in the Bordeaux region. From red, dry white, sweet white, rosé, to Crémant de Bordeaux, our cellar truly reflects the entire vineyard of possibilities. Each month we update our selection of wine both by the glass and by the bottle, so you can sample from the vast array of blends the Bordeaux has to offer. We have helped many of our patrons discover new favorite labels this way! 


Every bottle of Bordeaux wine in our cellar comes directly from the region’s vineyards and is certified genuine. We pass on the pride of the Bordeaux region to you in the form of original, authentic Bordeaux wine. Everytime. Each selection is rigorously selected according to the "AOC", it guarantees the geographical origins, quality and taste of every Bordeaux wine we serve. Wine appellations in Bordeaux region has recently been recognized by the Chinese authorities as a protected geographical indication, which protects specific products with the right to use certain names.



Awarded the title of Prud’homme de la Jurade in 2014, Franck is an honored ambassador of Saint Emilion. Also, in June 2016 he becomes a Member of Commanderie du Bon Temps representing wines from Medoc, Graves, Sauternes and Barsac. A French native, Franck has amassed over 25 years of experience in the curation of Bordeaux wine, as well as knowledge of the region's rich history and tradition in the world of winemaking. As a certified Bordeaux expert, he rigorously curates the selections found at Le Bordelais with a supreme focus towards quality, taste, and authenticity.


Every detail of our bistrot is cultivated to maximize your well-being and enjoyment during your visit with us. From the lighting, to acoustics, to the modern interior decor, our focus at Le Bordelais is always, first and foremost, your experience. Le Bordelais will give you many unique ways to experience Bordeaux. Whether you are celebrating with friends and colleagues, enjoying an evening out with that special someone, or hosting a private event, we have accommodations tailored just for you. 


Modern research has verified what many ancient societies have known for centuries. Drinking quality wine in moderation has remarkable health benefits. Promoting longevity and heart health, improving mental well­being, offering protection from many major ailments, and giving skin a youthful appearance are but a few. The famed chemist Louis Pasteur once said that ‘wine is the most healthful and hygienic of beverages.’ We agree! The purity found in genuine Bordeaux makes it a prime source for the wonderful health benefits that quality wine is famous for. 


The sophisticated style and refinement of Bordeaux carries itself into all facets of the region’s style, culture, and history. It’s more than just wine. It is a lifestyle. An attitude towards life. Or as it is referred to in the region, ‘art de vivre’ or, ‘the art of living.’ When you step into Le Bordelais, you are invited to enjoy the fruits of this modern, and elegant way of living, being, and dining. Experience the flavors, aromas, and ambiance of Bordeaux, France and the true high end wine experience. In complete Bordeaux style.